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All about our E-Commerce Demo

Try our free E-Commerce Demo. Unlike other E-Commerce Demo, you can change the colours, fonts & layout to suit your style. Your email address is required if you would like a dummy order & GST tax invoices sent to your email address. Please note:

  • For our e-commerce demo under normal circumstances the secure directory is held on a secure server.
  • At the checkout, please enter a dummy credit card number, or none at all. For retrieving the orders, the username is Joe and the password is Bloggs.
  • There is also a maintenance website available for inspection, please email us for details.
  • Your company name and email address is confidential from other users of this website. We will not pass your email address onto any third party, and we will not contact you unless you want us to. Please see our Privacy Policy.
  • All products are fictitious, and you will not be charged for items ordered from this demo website.
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Optional Settings You Can Change

Please feel free to try changing some of these settings, to get an idea on the most suitable design for your site. Please note the variables below are just a small number of variables which can be changed.

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Text Font:
Text Colour:
Frame Colour:
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