Designing an E-Commerce Site

Designing an E-Commerce Site requires a lot of planning to be effective, easy to use & visually appealing. At ROBO Design Solutions we will work with you to achieve a website that will meet your goals and represent your company's image.

Some major design considerations are:

  • Do you want a right hand side mounted trolley, or one that remains hidden until you need it?
  • What no. of products do you wish to sell, and what pages will contain what products?
  • Do you want your customers to be able to fax orders in addition to or instead of placing orders over the Internet?
  • Do you want your customers to have the ability to pay by cheque?
  • Do you intend to charge shipping, and if so how, by weight, location, cost of items in the trolley or a combination?
  • Do you intend to have overseas orders?
  • Do you intend to have regular customers with discounted prices?
  • Are your customers likely to purchase one item per visit to your website or many items, or large quantities?
  • Do you want to use images for all your products, some or none?
  • How much description do you want for each product?
  • Do you want to have real time credit card processing? That is having the processing of the credit card done automatically for you.
  • Do you want to use sub options available for your product? e.g. if you had a jersey, you could have a sub option for the size, and another one for the colour. You may have a maximum of two pulldown menus, with up to 10 sub options in each pulldown menu.
  • Do you wish to advertise prices GST/VAT inclusive or exclusive? (if applicable)

At ROBO Design Solutions we use an in-house developed E-Commerce Site Design programming base, which can be configured for most New Zealand/Australia/United Kingdom/United States/Canada E-Commerce sites. If you have a special alteration which deviates from the standard E-Commerce Site Design programming, this can be achieved at our standard rate.

To maintain your website you can do this online using a supplied password protected maintenance website. Here you will have access to edit your products and menus online, change your configuration, view instructions on how to use your site, setting up your email, uploading images and updating your site using a FTP program.

If you have 50 product items or less, we would be quite happy to input the data into your website, and upload your images. If you have more than 50 items, then there is an additional charge, unless you enter this information yourself there is no additional cost, and we would be quite happy to show how it is done by doing the first page.

Also if you have images for you E-Commerce sites, we would need them in the correct format - either JPEG or GIF (Jpeg is best for Images, GIF is best for simple graphics). We can discuss with you about the most suitable size to use. A low cost program, which can achieve this, is "Microsoft's Picture It". If you would like us to do this, we can do image processing at our current rate.

Other important things for when designing an E-Commerce Site should contain are:

  • 1) A page providing security information for submitting credit cards (We can help with this).
  • 2) A Physical Address (P.O. Boxes only arenít sufficient) & Phone no.
  • 3) A Privacy Policy, for any information submitted.
  • 4) A refund Policy.
  • 5) A note stating you must be at least 16 years of age and in possession of a valid credit card.
  • 6) Information on delivery times etc.
  • 7) A note stating that your company reserves the right to amend prices & descriptions, and that though the utmost care has been taken provide true and accurate information, your company has the right to correct any errors and will advise in any price or description alterations for ordered items.
  • 8) A note stating that your company abides by the Fair Trading Act.

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