Printing Industry Job Software

Printing industry job software: Yes our printing industry job software, ROBO Print Job Manager is designed for small printing companies, where job sheets need to be printed for print staff & records. Our product is not an over the top software solution with all the bells & whistles, but a straightforward easy to use product for managing your printing job with ease.

Features of the ROBO Print Job Manager (printing industry job software):

  • Up to 10 different customized documents can be created using the included Rich Text File Editor
  • Up to 6 different sub jobs (i.e. business cards, letterheads & envelopes)
  • Full customization of settings, costs, customized documents, etc.
  • Built in address book makes retrieving of clients details quickly
  • Ease of locating orders by several categories
  • Exporting of printing job information by CSV file into spreadsheets or databases
  • Can be customized for local/domestic taxes
  • Can be networked, with settings & jobs accessed & modified on other computers
  • Automatic totalling of costs, with instant feedback
  • Easy to use Windows inteface

Please note:

  • We are so confident about our product, that we are offering a 90 day money back guarantee.
  • This software will work with all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 98 onwards.

Screen Shots of ROBO
Print Job Manager Software:

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E m a i l : s u p p o r t@ r o b o d e s i g n s o l u t i o n s .c o m

Address: 87 Fyvie Ave, Tawa, Wellington, NZ


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